ACTION : The Paris-Tegu association’s mission is to carry out educational and socio-cultural projects for the protection and development of disadvantaged youth from Tegucigalpa.
COUNTRY : Honduras


Created in 2006, the Franco-Honduran association Paris-Tegu helps teenagers gain confidence and direction through innovative and attractive programmes.


The Centre Culturel Art et Amitié (CCAA), created in 2009, gives disadvantaged youth access to art and educational pastimes. All instruction is free and provided by Honduran professors. Paris-Tegu also manages a scholarship programme to assist young people in pursuing their studies and carries out a major prevention and awareness-raising campaign among its students annually.

In 2012, the association’s Franco-Honduran team carried out a variety of educational, artistic and cultural projects inspired by the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for the intellectual, psychological and social self-realisation of local youth. For instance, a theatrical, puppet and Chinese shadows show on stage allowed these young people to go on a tour of performances around Honduras and El Salvador.

The CCAA also opened a youth and cultural centre, where teenagers may hang out together to enjoy a variety of educational and recreational activities far from the dangers of the streets. The centre is always packed!

The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation supports this exemplary association. This extremely valuable partnership has allowed Paris-Tegu to raise awareness among the general public about the hardships that young Hondurans face and to strengthen the links of friendship and solidarity between France and Honduras.


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