ACTION : This project fits in perfectly with the “Courrier Sud”
COUNTRY : Morocco

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This project fits in perfectly with the “Courrier Sud” (Southern Mail) athletic race initiated in 1995 by the Cap Juby non-profit organisation to pay tribute to the famous novel by Saint-Exupéry. Aware that unskilled and unemployed (18-25 years old) young Moroccan athletes participating in the race would not be able to attain high-level sports careers, the managers of the non-profit organisation, chaired by François Laurent, a physical and sports education teacher, decided to create the Cap Juby Sports Academy  to provide them with the means for retraining.

The help of the Foundation will thus enable the Academy to offer these young people linguistic (French lessons) and professional (sports and tourism jobs) training.

The 2010 edition of the sports race will be the occasion to recruit young Moroccan athletes who will participate in the first training sessions of the Cap Juby Sports Academy.


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