10. FR-EN 2011-01-lancement-academie-cap-juby

The official launch of the Cap Juby Sports Academy took place at ARGANA Hotel, in the presence of numerous personalities, including Mrs Marie JURSIC, Consul General of France in Agadir, who expressed her warm support and commitment to the success of this ambitious project.

 The Academy, which aims to support disadvantaged young Moroccan athletes, will therefore every year help six male and female candidates of less than 26 years old, who will be selected through the “Courrier Sud” (Southern Mail) athletic race, to attain high-level sports careers, with the support of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. They will also benefit from lessons in French language and culture at the French Institute of Agadir, as well as professional training adapted to their needs, in order to allow them to become self-sufficient citizens.

 To find out more, visit: www.raidcourriersud.fr