ACTION : Creation of a “Todos Juntos” psycho medico-social centre in Dique Lujan (a district of Buenos Aires)
COUNTRY : Argentina


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Since 2004, the Association Vol de Nuit, whose patron is the French actress Marie-Christine Barrault, has led actions for disadvantaged children in the tough suburbs of Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca, with the aim of supporting the development of children’s personalities and  the acquisition of their self-sufficiency through education, culture and, gradually, through professional training. In order to respond to the increasingly dire situation with which the Dique Lujan population is confronted (more than 200 families and numerous children), in particular its youth, the non-profit organisation decided to create a psycho medico-social centre.

 In 2010, it called upon the Foundation to accompany it in the operational management of the centre by contributing notably to the financing of the skills (psychologists and social workers) needed to run individual consultations and prevention workshops. These skills will back up the work of the team already in place, which currently manages the academic assistance centre and community centre of the “Todos Juntos” district.

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