On the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation, the chairwoman of the Monaco Philosophical Encounters, Charlotte Casiraghi, presided over the prize-giving ceremony of the 2019 Antoine de Saint Exupéry French language youth writing contest entitled “The Ocean Journal”, which took place on Friday 22 November 2019 at the Maison des Océans in Paris.

Video of the 2019 award ceremony:

The highlight of two days of events comprising film screenings, meetings with explorers and workshops based on scientific knowledge, ecological awareness and transmission was the award ceremony of this writing competition dedicated to adventure literature targeted at French-speaking youth, which was chaired by Prince Albert II of Monaco’s niece, together with French aviator and writer Dorine Bourneton, a member of the Foundation’s patronage committee.

The 2019 edition of the contest on the theme of the ocean was organised by the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation and the Labo des Histoires, with the exceptional support of French navigators Thomas Coville (Sodebo Voile team) and François Gabart (Macif offshore racing), who each chose their favourite among the texts submitted by several hundred aspiring young writers. The two skippers themselves had been awarded earlier in the year by the Foundation, receiving the first Antoine de Saint Exupéry Trophy in February 2019 for their successive world records (in December 2016, then December 2017) for around-the-world single-handed sailing.

During this award ceremony, a video putting into perspective the mission of this unique writing competition was screened and the 10 winners were announced, among them the top four favourites who were able to read out their text in front of the 350 guests, friends and partners of the Foundation, before the final word by François d’Agay, nephew and godson of the writer-aviator and president of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation :

Lilas Grenier – 115 years old (Lyon) * François Gabart’s favourite text
Oréa Doury – 12 years old (Angers)
Célian Jobert – 13 years old (Chalon-sur-Saône) * Raphaël Domjan’s favourite text
Lucien Wendel – 15 years old (Grenoble)
Anaïs Bordes – 17 years old (Saint-Leu-la-Forêt) * Thomas Coville’s favourite text
Elsa Fillerin – 17 years old (Annecy)
Bertille Bricou – 15 years old (Villemomble) * Charlotte Casiraghi’s favourite text
Eliot Duclocher – 8 years old (Campbon)
Chloé Martin – 22 years old (Cergy)
Anna Falusi – 19 years old (Vezin-le-Coquet)

The association of Charlotte Casiraghi with the 2019 edition of the writing contest on the theme of the oceans was entirely pertinent because her uncle, Prince Albert II of Monaco, is a leading figure in the environmental combat to safeguard marine environments.


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Consult the Labo des Histoires’ educational booklet

Maison des Océans website : www.maisondesoceans.org


Photographs © Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation – YMA

1) The top 4 contest winners.
2) The contest winners with Charlotte Casiraghi, Dorine Bourneton, François d’Agay, Charles Autheman and Nicolas Delsalle-Mun.
3) François d’Agay thanks Charlotte Casiraghi for having chaired the award ceremony.
4) Olivier d’Agay congratulates Charlotte Casiraghi together with Nicolas Delsalle-Mun.
5) Charlotte Casiraghi, Nicolas Delsalle-Mun and Charles Autheman present the prize-giving ceremony.
6) Charlotte Casiraghi, Dorine Bourneton, Nicolas Delsalle-Mun and Charles Autheman reward the winners.
7) A young laureate reads her text during the award ceremony.
8) Nicolas Delsalle-Mun offers a copy of “The Little Prince” tactile art book (Claude Garrandès Editions – Arrimage) to Charlotte Casiraghi.