The aim of Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation over the long-term is to stimulate, finance and promote local initiatives in favor of youth in difficulty, in France and all over the world.

It concerns practical projects which help the young understand the need to give their lives meaning, to develop a belief in themselves and their future. These projects are put into practice in a number of different ways: training, apprenticeship, culture, art, sport, tourism, nature…

  • Help the young to feel a sense of responsibility for others and their environment; try to avoid exclusion and marginalization.
  • Instill a sense of purpose, teach them to be active and responsible for their actions.
  • Teach them to live together, to be part of a shared project and to be a part of their community.
  • Give them the capacity to find fulfillment through their work.
  • Give them access to culture through reading and writing.